Suara Komuniti BH

A CSR initiative introduced by BH in 2012 to complement its editorial column also titled Suara Komuniti featuring news, complaints and suggestions from local community on their neighbourhood. Certain issues highlighted in this newspaper were picked up by BH itself through partnership with local authorities, resident associations, NGOs or corporate bodies.

Activities such gotong-royong, refurbishment of public amenities and visits to underprivileged homes were conducted with the involvement of local community. Volunteers came from both BH staff and members of Briged Sukarelawan NSTP-Media Prima.

Titipan Kasih Harian Metro

Started in 2007 with the aim to help the less fortunate, this programme is divided into three components:

Titipan Kasih Monthly
Visited one family per month that had been featured in Harian Metro’s ‘Metro Prihatin’ column. The team contributed some basic groceries and financial aid.

Titipan Kasih Ramadan
Organised with the objective of helping orphans, single mothers and poor families in the spirit of Ramadan. Volunteers will undertake gotong-royong to prepare food for berbuka puasa, distribute goodies and bring orphans for a raya shopping trip.

Titipan Kasih Khas
Held at a charity home or a house of poor family. Volunteers will do charitable works such as painting and cleaning the home and fixing and installing donated items.

Titipan Kasih Korban
Organised in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Slaughtered and distributed ‘korban’ meat to underpriviledged members of the society. Volunteers also held gotong-royong to prepare lunch for all involved in the programme.

BH Semarak Ramadan

Introduced in 2009 with the objective of giving back to society during the holy month of Ramadan, Semarak Ramadan BH is fast becoming a popular CSR for BH.
Besides a ‘gotong-royong’ to prepare food for breaking the fast, a visit to Bazaar Ramadan and a ceremony to handover donations to underprivileged and needy community were also held at each selected event venue.
The event also becomes an avenue for sponsors to do their corporate responsibility and an opportunity for local Member of Parliament or State Assemblyman to strengthen their relationship with the electorates.

Tabung Bencana NSTP-MPB

NSTP is a platform for the general public to donate money to major catastrophes, natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Well-known campaigns conducted include the Kosovo Action Fund, Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund, Gujerat Earthquake Fund, Fund for Gaza, Japanese Tsunami Fund and Fund for Famine Victims in Somalia. All funds were launched on an ad hoc basis and only operate for the specific campaign duration.

The Tabung Bencana NSTP-Media Prima was launched on October 1, 2009 in response to a huge earthquake that occurred in Padang, Sumatera and other Southeast Asian countries.

The funds also covered local campaigns to help victims of major flood, landslide and fire blaze. Flood relief missions were carried out by members of MPB-NSTP Briged Sukarelawan, disbursing basic items such groceries, toiletries and cleaning equipment.

NST Outreach


New Straits Times introduced NST Outreach in 2014 for a more focused CSR programme. Riding on its strength in English language education, the programme helps to motivate and encourage the usage of English among the underprivileged primary students. Workshops on fun learning of English are conducted while reading material in English and copies of School Times are given to adopted schools.

Briged Sukarelawan MPB-NSTP

The volunteer brigade, set up in 2011 is part of the overall group corporate responsibility strategy towards the development of sustainable business model.

Brigade members are actually staff of Media Prima and NSTP from the various platforms and backgrounds. They have to register and attend several basic training on volunteerism and other relevant subjects before being called to join any relief mission or voluntary charitable work.

Besides being the backbone of numerous relief missions under Tabung Bencana NSTP-MPB, the brigade also conducted other activities such medical outreach programme, blood donation drive, visit to underprivileged home and gotong-royong to clean beach and build a home for an Orang Asli family.

Wakaf BH

Introduced in conjunction with BH’s 60th anniversary as a mean to give back to the society which has been supporting the newspaper throughout the years. Six schools have been chosen as recipients of these wooden gazebos to reflect BH’s strong commitment in education. The Wakafs can be used as an outdoor classroom besides being a place for students, teachers and visitors to relax and chill out.

Kotak Rezeki Harian Metro

Started in 2016, Kotak Rezeki Harian Metro or #HMKotakRezeki is a CSR initiative in the month of Ramadan offering corporate and business clients an opportunity to sponsor food packs and basic groceries for Iftar to the less fortunate ones.

Packing is done in Balai Berita Shah Alam and boxes are distributed nationwide via Harian Metro state bureau chiefs and reporters.

Individual Boxes are meant for those who are still on duty during the Iftar time while the Family Boxes are given to madrasahs, orphanages, old folk homes and poor families.

Festive Visit

Since 2011, visits to numerous welfare homes and orphanages were conducted during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Deepavali and Christmas to bring cheers to the less fortunate. Besides presenting some festive gifts, fun activities such as singing session, moment with clowns and simple health check were held to entertain the residents.