The New Straits Times Press (NSTP) is the country’s largest print and media conglomerate, with innovative products and comprehensive media solutions.

Our Vision

To shape the nation by building communities with trusted news and information.

Our Mission

To shape the nation’s future with news and content that is balanced, fair and precise for all Malaysians.

To create utmost value and opportunity for our customers, investors, and ecosystem partners and stakeholders.

To attract, enhance and empower our employees to produce the best news and content that uplifts communities everywhere.

As Malaysia’s foremost news conglomerate with innovative products and comprehensive media solutions, The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (“NSTP”) aims to provide the best content and product that is relevant, compelling and attractive to the readers and business partners.
As the leading publisher of Malaysia’s three biggest daily newspaper titles — New Straits Times (“NST”), Berita Harian (“BH”) and Harian Metro (“HM”), NSTP’s reason for being has always been to serve all Malaysian with high quality and credible content that will enrich and complement their daily lives.