We all agree that the state of our children’s English language proficiency is not a joke, yet it continues to be a national punch line. Make English language a gift to our children. Contributions from individuals and organisations are welcomed
Call 1 300 2 6768 and we will tell you how.

The New Straits Times English Development Programme welcomes the involvement of individuals or corporate citizens as our Partners in Education. This programme is one of the ways you can help the young Malaysians towards a holistic education.

What is NST 3Es?

The 3Es initiative is our genuine effort to bridge the urban-rural divide in English education. We provide students and teachers with the ‘living textbook’…the daily newspapers.

A continuation of our previous School Sponsorship Programme (SSP) which was introduced in August 2005, the 3Es programme welcomes sponsors who are looking to give back to society and help the needy students to develop their English proficiency.

Having access to 3Es will not only help reinforce the curriculum, but will give students the opportunity to become more aware of and involved in the community and world around them

How can you help?

Anyone can be part of this noble initiative by sponsoring in cash. The amount that you have contributed will be converted into copies of New Straits Times newspapers, and will be delivered to schools listed under the Ministry’s most needy list as an additional teaching and learning materials for both teachers and students

You can also choose a school from the state that you come from as a contribution to the place where you received your education.

Should you need further information on this sponsorship programme, please contact our customer service at 1 300 2 6768 or email [email protected].