KOTA BARU: The highly anticipated dinosaur tunnel, known as Dino Land and brought to Karnival Jom Heboh by New Straits Times Press, has finally debuted in Kelantan today, captivating visitors, especially children.
One of the delighted families to explore the booth was the Rusli family, accompanied by their three-year-old twins, Yusof and Maryam.
Their mother, Hasmida Ismail, expressed her children’s enthusiasm for this unique dinosaur experience.
“I’ve been telling my kids, including the twins and their two other siblings, about the various activities and the dinosaur land at this Jom Heboh event. Since Tuesday, they have eagerly asked me about it and couldn’t wait to come here.
“Today, accompanied by my mother, I had the chance to bring the twins here while their other two siblings are in school,” shared the 31-year-old self-employed mother.
The family left their home in Kok Lanas around 7:30am and arrived at the event around 8:15am.
Karnival Jom Heboh Baba’s popular local festivity event has commenced in Kelantan. It will continue for three consecutive days, concluding on Sept 9.
The event is hosted at RTC Tunjung, starting at 9am.
One of the highlights of the festivities is the beloved Konsert Jom Heboh, featuring a line-up of local artists, including Azzam Shah, Ameng Spring, Ariff Bahran, Aepul Roza, Yamani Abdullah, Nizam Laksamana, Khai Bahar, Syafiq Farhain, Lan Solo, Zarul Umbrella, Rahmad Mega, and Naqiu.
Visitors can also enjoy the Studio Tonton Drama Sangat, featuring celebrities from popular programs on Tonton, TV3, and TV9. Additionally, there will be “Meet and Spend Time” sessions with renowned personalities such as Ashraf Muslim, Erma Fatimah, Izzue Islam, Matni Razak, Mekyun, Nabil Aqil, Raja Atiq, Wany Hasrita, and many more.
The event will also host famous ‘pendakwah’ celebrities from programmes like Tanyalah Ustaz and My Quran Time, including Dai’ Aiman, Dai’ Azrin, Ustaz Fazrul, Ustaz Khairol, and Ustaz Tarmizi, who will be available for visitors to interact with.
Karnival Jom Heboh, sponsored by Baba’s, will distribute 10,000 free food packages to attending visitors. The event will also feature various cooking demonstrations, games, and competitions to keep visitors entertained. – NST Online