Azizi Othman

General Manager, Digital Business & Development

Azizi Othman is the General Manager, Digital Business & Development NSTP since January 1, 2018. As a pioneer leading the newly created department, he is responsible to assist the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) NSTP and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) NSTP in strategizing, developing, executing and growing the company’s business and editorial digital transformation. He is also responsible in developing and overseeing all the digital assets of NSTP.

Azizi began his career as an Economic Writer for Berita Harian (BH) in 1991, covering business and finance before moving on to specialize in corporate news and the Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98. In 1998, he was appointed as BH Correspondent in London, responsible in covering issues in the UK and Europe. He was the first journalist from Asia Pacific to enter Kosovo during the Balkan Crisis in 1998, even before the NATO military campaign to arrest the conflict.

Upon his return to Malaysia in 2001, Azizi was appointed as Deputy Economic Editor, BH and subsequently promoted as Economic Editor BH in 2003. He was then appointed as Chief News Editor for BH in 2004 before getting a promotion as Deputy Executive Editor (Features) in 2009. Azizi left the company in 2010 to become the first Editor-in-Chief for Malaysia’s first 24-hour news channel, Astro Awani and also a Vice-President at Astro.

He returned to NSTP as Executive Editor, Special Projects in the office of the Group Managing Editor and then as General Manager in the CEO Office, NSTP where he was involved in strategizing and planning the company’s transformation. Azizi was also responsible in restructuring and reorganizing the editorial structure and operations of NSTP to align it towards a more digital-centric news organization.