NSTP is a platform for the general public to donate money to major catastrophes, natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Well-known campaigns conducted include the Kosovo Action Fund, Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund, Gujerat Earthquake Fund, Fund for Gaza, Japanese Tsunami Fund and Fund for Famine Victims in Somalia. All funds were launched on an ad hoc basis and only operate for the specific campaign duration.

The Tabung Bencana NSTP-Media Prima was launched on October 1, 2009 in response to a huge earthquake that occurred in Padang, Sumatera and other Southeast Asian countries.

The funds also covered local campaigns to help victims of major flood, landslide and fire blaze. Flood relief missions were carried out by members of MPB-NSTP Briged Sukarelawan, disbursing basic items such groceries, toiletries and cleaning equipment.