Anugerah Bintang Popular BH

The most popular ‘People’s Choice’ award, Anugerah Bintang Popular BH (ABPBH) started in 1987. Back then, it was called Anugerah Penyanyi dan Pelakon Popular (APPP) with only seven categories contested. This annual award ceremony recognises professionals in the entertainment industry, including the film and record industry.

BH readers will cast their votes for their favourite artists to fill the top five spots for each of the 16 categories including the Most Popular Artiste award. Series of road shows filled with fun activities involving the top five finalists were held in different states to promote the event. ABPBH helps at elevating the standard of local artistes and personalities to a higher level.


Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang BH-NST


Initiated in 2006 to recognize the achievement of students who have participated in BH’s three educational workshops; Klinik UPSR BH Didik, Seminar PT3 BH Minda and Seminar SPM BH Skor. Besides their academic excellence, students’ active involvement in co-curriculum activities is also taken into consideration.

Bicara BH

An intellectual discourse on various current issues and significant topics involving captains of industries, policy makers, top civil servants, prominent academics and NGOs. Acts as a platform to share information and views among forum’s audience in specific and BH readers in general. Started in 2016 and continued to be a popular public forum conducted solely in Bahasa Malaysia.


The New Straits Times in partnership with Eco World organized this cycling event to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as to provide an additional platform for cycling enthusiasts to compete in this increasingly popular sporting event. Aside from the two cycling categories; 160km race track and 35km fun ride, some carnival-type activities such as food trucks, booth sales, clown and mascots from popular movie characters, were also held for parents and children who came to support their family members.

NSTP MyRumah Property Showcase

NSTP started the first showcase in 2016 with the aim is to make NSTP as a leader in print media for property consultation. The event is the best place for the public to get firsthand information and latest property developers’ offerings, ranging from residential to commercial ownership or investment. It provides a platform for the public, especially first buyers, to purchase their dream home at affordable prices. The event also offers opportunity for visitors to gain in-depth knowledge about property and investment benefits from the industry experts on various subjects pertaining to home ownership, finance and housing loan.

BH Workshops and Seminars

BH education unit conducts educational workshops targeted to students and teachers nationwide including the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak. The examination seminars and workshops for students will help them to excel in public examination such as UPSR, PMR and SPM. The two-day programme provides students with the right, precise and effective techniques to answer questions for examinations. The ADD workshop is a programme designed for teachers in schools to use the newspaper as a classroom teaching aid. The workshop assists in the teaching and learning process in a more effective and interesting manner.

New Straits Times NIE Workshops and Seminars

The New Straits Times Newspaper in Education Unit (NIE) conducts workshops around the country for adults including teachers and children with the aim to enhance the language skills and spurred young minds to achieve educational excellence. Among the workshops held are school holiday programme for the children, [email protected] training and the inside scoop series. Activities include storytelling, public speaking, sizzle with science and creative writing while the teachers are taught how to use the NST newspaper to teach spelling, oral communication and writing to their students.

NST Insight Forum


Previously known as Business Times Insight, it was renamed as NST Insight Forum in 2019. The NST Insight Forum is an interactive platform that focuses on discussions on current issues and topics that are of interest to the nation and Malaysians in general.

This programme is a part of NST’s effort to encourage more policy discussions in an open forum that could contribute to a matured and informed discourse.

The session is conducted live with panelists presenting their views on a selected topic and one moderator acting as a neutral party to the discussion.

A question-and-answer session is held at the end of the forum, aimed at offering the audience an opportunity to participate in an open dialogue directly with the invited panelists.

Jom Cinta Nabi

Initiated in 2018, Jom Cinta Nabi is a campaign organised by BH in collaboration with Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) as an initiative to educate and create awareness on the greatness of Prophet Muhammad besides to promote Islam as a way of life.

Various activities would be held including religious talks, articles and features on Sunnah and video competition in all BH platforms: print, online social media and BHTV capsule’s Jom Tanya Ustaz Edisi Khas: #JomCintaNabi.

Fiesta Muslimah BH

It was first introduced in 2014 with the objective to enhance the increasing popularity of Muslimah fashion industries in Malaysia.
Over 100 pop-up retailers and sponsors took up booths to offer products and services catering for this segment of society.
The event also serves as a platform for local e-entrepreneurs to further promote their creation, brands or services to the open market.

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